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   I’m a working class bloke with a dream. I’ve been writing for years, as far back as I can remember and I always wanted to get my ideas across with fiction. I’ve only recently started publishing and very much would like to make this my main source of income.

   I write epic adventures with engaging characters and fascinating plot twists for your reading pleasure. Please check me out and thanks for your interest.


About the Author

   Rafael Morewood was born into a blue collar family. His father a miner and his mother a shopkeeper his youth was happy and without strive.

   From early on he had a dream of being a writer and actually put stories on paper off and on throughout his life. But it was only after five decades of life that he decided to publish his first novel.

   He is a prolific writer in SciFi, Fantasy and Horror and incorporating his own views of life in the stories that he tells. Be ready for his griping adventures that capture your imagination.

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