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Online magazine interview.

A few weeks ago I was contacted through e-mail if I was interested in an interview for an online magazine. It was a set of questions I could choose from and add to if I wanted. I was actually surprised that it was free of charge as these days you have to pay for everything especially on the internet.

After handing it in I was contacted again if I wasn't interested in having it published to a genuine paper magazine. This would have a price of course. After I thankfully declined I was thinking I would never here of it again.

For a year now we'd planned a trip to Egypt and so we took a plain and went to Cairo. We had a wonderful vacation visiting all the sights in the capital, Aswan and Luxor and ending it with a relaxing few days in a resort in Hurghada.

We only returned one day, this was yesterday, when I suddenly got a notification on my facebook page that I was mentioned by Thereadershousecouk containing a link to my online interview I had done before our vacation. Of course I was excited and couldn't wait to tell you about it.

Here is the link:

Get to know Rafael Morewood "Get Ready To Have Your Imagination Captured" Rafael Morewood, a well-known Sci-Fi author, his curiosity becomes his own inspiration of unravelling the possibilities of strange powers and unimagined futures in our world. Rafael Morewood Click the link below to read the full interview We have featured the Award-winning authors, and we would love for you to be featured in our magazine! Let's Connect! +44 7938 478420 Don't forget to LIKE & FOLLOW our official Facebook page and Instagram @thereadershousecouk so you can stay updated on all our posts.

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