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The William Parker Chronicles

Updated: Jul 4

Wiliam ‘Bill’ Parker is an ordinary boy living a normal life when a chance encounter spins his life out of control. He is destined to live a scientific life, but he discovers that the world is not just what is in front of his eyes.

With the lives of his loved ones hanging in the balance, Bill makes a life-altering decision. This choice leads him into a realm of strange powers, ghosts, and a mysterious world that had always lurked in the shadows of his perception.

But the journey doesn't end there. Bill, aided by a friend from his past, uses his unique abilities to help those plagued by paranormal issues. Yet, he battles an inner darkness. And then, there's the enigmatic architect from the otherworld, Ronan Dallas. Who is he, and why does he seem so familiar?

Not knowing if he can trust the forces coming from that world within the world he is confronted with an unknown enemy from his own country. A war is brewing and the question becomes if he’s cunning enough to win it. Can he save himself and his family and friends or will he succumb to the strangeness.

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