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All for the People

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

When strange signals from a long forgotten planet are detected, a ship is sent to investigate. There is little doubt it heralds a new attack from an old enemy.

How did it get this far, why is this enemy still after the colonists from Earth and why did they flee from their home planet anyway. Who are these Millennials that seem to hold the key to spaceflight and how did the Alliance form in the first place.

It is the third time the same enemy pops up and just like the first time it was a surprise attack for unknown reasons. But the enemy is bewildered as well, that the Alliance actually survived.

Like the Alliance the enemy evolved, however their agendas could’t be further apart. For the colonists the whole of humanity is of importance while the enemy has adhered to the old ways.

The attackers may not have the advanced weapons displayed by the ships designed by the Millennials, their strength lies in sheer numbers, tenacity, and determination. Can the Alliance withstand this new conflict or will it be its downfall?

An epic tale, spanning more than four and a half centuries about humanities struggle for equality… and survival.

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