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Legion of the damned

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

When Talib Dee is born he has two distinctive features that will steer the course of his life.

First of all he is a child of mixed parentage and his complexion will give him some strive. In the country of Ynys there are still people longing for the olden days of the Empire when slavery was rife. Certain incidents and major events in Talib’s life are harsh lessons teaching him that discrimination itself is being frowned upon but the road to equality is still long and arduous.

Second, he is born with a birthmark. Nothing special you might think but this one is a symbol found all over the world in every existing mythology known. Is he a messiah? A prophet called the Dahis? And will he be the peacemaker? The man who saves the world? Or will he be the destroyer from some of the prophecies? If you want to change the world, even for the better, does that not mean changing it? Tearing it apart and building it up from scratch?

Does this man, struggling to find his place in the world, have any control over his future, or will he be the victim of fate? Will he find the truth when he finds the Legion of the Damned? Follow Talib Dee on his journey through life and to his ultimate destiny.

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